The Triangle Love of Knights

A social creature without a conflict is like a rice without a side dishes, it feels not complete if the life is not accompained with the conflict. Especially on romance issues. Several of those issues was happened along time since the human civilization began. Those things are used by some writers as sweetener on their literature object. Such as Chaucer, the writer who wrote some stories from several point of view of people. One of his tales, he told about The Knights on his story, The Canterbury Tales. Who the knights themselves were the man of substance and of valour who they had fought for truth and honour, for freedom and for dignity.

Likewise the sentences that were written by Chaucer which they were texted like “The KNIGHT, as you might expect, was a man of substance and of valour. From the start of his career as a warrior he had fought for truth and honour, for freedom and for dignity. He had proved himself in warfare in many lands; he had ridden through the territories of the Christians and the countries of the infidel, and had been universally praised for his military virtues. He had fought fifteen battles, and taken part in three tournaments. These exploits were not for love of glory, however, but for love of Christ. Piety guided his sword. He considered himself no more than an instrument for God.” ( The General Prologue — The Canterbury Tales). They were described what are the attitudes of The Knight to proved his honour, especially for his love. And it have the reason why they were like that as the sentences which were written by Chaucer like “That is why he was, despite his reputation for bravery, modest and prudent. In appearance he was meek as any maid, and no oath or indecency ever passed his lips. He was never insolent or condescending. He was the very flower of chivalry, in this springtime of the year; he was a true and noble knight.” ( The General Prologue — The Canterbury Tales). Those things are related with some issues of The Knight, in particular of the romance issues. Those issues was about the triangle love between two knight brothers, They are Arcite and Palomon who prove their love each other to the woman at Athena, her name is Emily. There are some sentences that tell about romance issues who they are encountered by the two knights and it was started when Palomon were jealous because of Arcite like “Palamon, concealed close by, had heard every word of Arcite’s love lament. He felt that a sword, as cold as ice, had been plunged into his heart. He shook with anger. He could no longer stay in hiding. So, like a madman, pale as death, he jumped out of the thicket shouting, Arcite! Arcite! Wicked Arcite! False traitor, Arcite! I have caught you! You proclaim yourself the lover of my lady, Emily, for whom I have suffered so much pain and woe. You are of my blood and allegiance, as I have told you many times, and yet what have you done? You have deceived Theseus. You have lived at his court under a false name. But you will not deal falsely with Emily. I am the only one who can, or will, ever love her. So. One of us will have to die. Look upon Palamon as your mortal enemy. And although I have no weapon in my possession, since by great good fortune I have just escaped from my prison, it makes no difference. Either you will die or else you will renounce your love for Emily. Choose which one you will. Otherwise you will never leave this wood.” (The part two of The Knight’s Tale — The Canterbury Tales). The conflicts were become bigger when Arcite and Palomon were confonting each other in the wood like “They did not greet or salute each other, but without any words they helped one another to put on his armour. They were so courteous that they might have been brothers. But then they sailed out in deadly combat, their swords and lances at the ready. How could they maintain their contest for so long? Well, as you may imagine, Palamon fought like a ferocious lion while Arcite attacked him with all the savagery of a tiger. No. They were more beastly than that. They fought like wild boars, their jaws frothing with white foam. They fought up to their ankles in blood. CRASH. BANG. OUCH. There I will leave them, fighting, to their destinies.” (The part two of The Knight’s Tale — The Canterbury Tales). From the both of the two knight brothers who love and support each other to be the both of the two knight rivals who hate and harm each other because of their idol. And finally in the top of their conflict, They were fighting on the final tournament at Athena, eventually who they’re really hurting each other, even there were the person or more who they’re died. Such as Arcite as the main characters of this tale, when he was thrown off by the horse after he defeated Palomon. That issues are written by Chaucer on the part four of The Knight’s Tale on the Centerbury Tales.

Overall, that may be said several of human interacion conflicts about romance are written on this Chaucer’s story, The Knight’s Tale. There are the two knights were fighting each other even were willing to die for the sake of their respective idols.



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